The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Technical Assistance (REETA) Project, based in the CARICOM Energy Unit in Georgetown, Guyana, was established in 2013 and is being financed by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ). At the macro level the project supports the improvement of the regional and political general framework for renewable energies and energy efficiency and strengthens the Energy Unit of the Secretariat of CARICOM with respect to its coordinating role. At the meso level, the program supports the further development of the technical institutes and promotes their regional networking on the education sector as well as sector-crossing with industry. The program focusses on the expansion and provision of trainings and continuing education in the field of renewable energies and energy efficiency at Caribbean University as well as at technical institutions. At the micro level, the program promotes model projects including bioenergy with high visibility and replicability. It is an overall project objective to contribute to secure the energy supply and to stabilize energy costs in the Caribbean region in a long-term perspective. Bioenergy is one of the project’s main focuses and REETA already has financed a biogas laboratory in Belize. To assure its sustainable usage and enhance the knowledge about bioenergy further trainings are necessary.

The reference book, modules, exams and exercises for the course are listed below. Click on the images to download the  PDF documents for the reference book, modules, exam, and feasibility study exercise. Click the titles to download the other exercises.

  • Module’s Reference Book

  • M01 Introduction to Energy and Bioenergy

  • M02 Introduction to Bioenergy – Part 1

  • M02 Introduction to Bioenergy – Part 2

  • M03 Bioenergy Feedstock – Part 1

  • M03 Bioenergy Feedstock – Part 2

  • M03 Bioenergy Feedstock: Food versus Biofuel

  • M04 Biogas – Part 1

Protocol for the determination of potential biogas production

  • M04 Biogas – Part 2

  • M04 Biogas Plant Components

  • M05 Biogas Technology & Design, Construction & Operation

  • M6 Biogas Project Development

  • M07 Solid Biofuels – Part 1

  • M07 Solid Biofuels – Part 2

  • M08 Liquid Biofuels – Part 1

  • M08 Liquid Biofuels – Part 2

  • M09 Greenhouse Gas Basics

  • M10 Economic Indicators

Exam and Exercises

  • M00. Final Exam Bioenergy

  • M00. Exercise Feasibility Study Bioenergy Village

M00 Final Exam Answer Key

The Bioenergy Course was jointly implemented by GIZ – REETA, the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre and Go Green Ltd. of Belize. 

The Course was financed by GIZ-REETA and co-financed by UNDP’s J-CCCP project.